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Heartland Growth Marketing took on the challenge of managing the Google Ad Accounts for the Leisure Days RV Group, a renowned player in the recreational vehicle (RV) industry. Despite a market downturn in the RV industry, Heartland Growth Marketing embarked on a strategic campaign to revitalize lead generation and improve sales through meticulous Google Ad management.

Leisure Days RV Group
CRC RV Truro
Cape Bretton Trailer Sales
Doug's Recreation
Bongard's RV Sales
RV Canada Saint John
CRC RV Salisbury
Leisure Days Moncton
Sackville BRV
Country Campers

Client Overview:

Leisure Days RV Group, operating across Atlantic Canada, faced the harsh reality of a declining RV market in 2023. With sales dwindling and market conditions challenging, the company sought innovative strategies to sustain and boost lead volumes amidst industry-wide setbacks.


Heartland Growth Marketing's primary goal was to enhance lead generation for Leisure Days RV Group despite the adverse market conditions. The focus was on optimizing Google Ad Accounts to increase lead volume and sales while improving click-through rates, ultimately driving growth despite the RV industry downturn.


  1. Comprehensive Account Analysis: Heartland initiated the campaign by conducting a thorough audit of the existing Google Ad Accounts for two of Leisure Days RV Group's Atlantic Canada dealerships.

  2. Strategy Development: Leveraging insights from the audit, Heartland crafted a tailored strategy focusing on keyword optimization, ad creative enhancements, and targeted audience segmentation to improve campaign performance.

  3. Iterative Optimization: Continuous monitoring and fine-tuning of ad campaigns were undertaken to refine targeting, ad placements, and messaging, ensuring maximum effectiveness in generating leads.

  4. Expanding Scope: Demonstrating exceptional results within two months, Heartland earned the confidence of Leisure Days RV Group, leading to the expansion of the partnership to manage Google Ad Accounts for all ten dealerships across Atlantic Canada.


Despite the RV industry downturn of approximately 12% in 2023 compared to 2022, Heartland Growth Marketing delivered remarkable outcomes:

  1. Lead Volume Increase: Within the 12-month period, Heartland achieved a notable 43% increase in lead volume for Leisure Days RV Group, defying industry trends and surpassing initial expectations.

  2. Click-Through Rate Enhancement: The click-through rate soared from a modest 1.45% to an impressive nearly 8%, indicating a significant improvement in ad engagement and user responsiveness.

  3. Expanded Partnership: Successful performance within the initial two dealerships paved the way for Heartland to earn the trust and business of all ten Atlantic Canada dealerships, cementing a long-term partnership.


Heartland Growth Marketing's strategic prowess in Google Ad management enabled Leisure Days RV Group to thrive amidst a challenging RV industry downturn. By implementing data-driven strategies, meticulous optimization, and innovative tactics, Heartland not only defied market expectations but also significantly contributed to the surge in lead volumes and sales, showcasing the agency's ability to drive growth even in adverse market conditions.

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