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The partnership between Appliance Care Experts​ and Heartland Growth Marketing commenced in October 2023, empowering the new appliance repair business in Cochrane, Alberta, to establish a robust online presence without upfront investment. Heartland Growth Marketing developed a tailored website at no cost, implemented localized SEO, and executed targeted Google Ads to drive customer leads. Within the inaugural month, these strategies yielded a total of 25 leads through form submissions, emails, and calls. This surge in leads significantly expanded Appliance Care Experts' client base, paving the way for profitability. The partnership's success highlights the power of collaboration in propelling a fledgling business toward rapid growth and visibility in a competitive market.

Appliance Care Experts


Appliance Care Experts, a budding appliance repair start-up in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, entered into a partnership with Heartland Growth Marketing in October 2023. As a new venture with minimal client base and visibility, Appliance Care Experts sought support to establish its online presence and acquire leads to jumpstart their business. Heartland Growth Marketing proposed a unique partnership, offering to develop a website at no initial cost in exchange for a long-term contract structured around a per-lead payment model. This collaborative arrangement empowered Appliance Care Experts to initiate operations without significant upfront financial commitments.

Challenges Faced:

  1. Limited Client Base: Appliance Care Experts commenced operations with few existing clients, necessitating rapid acquisition to establish a viable customer base.

  2. Low Visibility: Being a new entrant in the market, the business lacked online visibility, hampering its ability to attract potential customers.

  3. Financial Constraints: The company faced financial limitations, hindering its ability to invest substantially in marketing and promotional activities.

Strategies Implemented:

  1. Website Development: Heartland Growth Marketing designed and developed a user-friendly, responsive website for Appliance Care Experts at no initial cost. The website showcased services, contact information, and a simple lead generation mechanism to facilitate customer inquiries.

  2. Localized SEO: Implementing localized SEO strategies optimized the website for local search, enhancing its visibility among Cochrane residents seeking appliance repair services.

  3. Paid Google Ads: A targeted advertising campaign on Google Ads complemented the SEO efforts, ensuring prominent visibility to potential customers actively searching for appliance repair solutions.

  4. Conversion-Oriented Approach: Emphasizing lead conversions, the strategies aimed to transform website visitors into actionable leads through compelling call-to-actions and user-centric design.

Results Achieved:

Results Achieved: Within the first month of the website launch and the implementation of marketing strategies by Heartland Growth Marketing, Appliance Care Experts witnessed remarkable outcomes:

  • Average Leads per Day: 1 lead/day (across form submissions, emails, and phone calls).

  • Total Leads: 25 leads within the month.

  • Substantial Business Growth: The influx of leads translated into a notable expansion of the client base, propelling Appliance Care Experts toward profitability.

  • Increased Visibility: The strategic combination of localized SEO and paid Google Ads significantly amplified the business's online visibility, attracting a steady stream of potential customers.


The collaborative partnership between Appliance Care Experts and Heartland Growth Marketing in its inaugural month proved instrumental in overcoming initial hurdles. The synergistic efforts in website development, localized SEO, and targeted advertising not only generated substantial leads but also laid the foundation for sustained business growth. This successful alliance showcases the potential of strategic partnerships in propelling new businesses towards profitability, even amidst a competitive market landscape.

As Appliance Care Experts continues its journey, this partnership sets a precedent for leveraging expertise and collaboration to achieve rapid and sustainable business growth.

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